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Enjoy our in house alterations department with Sew Emo! Sew Emo is a business inside of Tiffani's Bridal that offers full alterations on bridal, mother's and bridesmaids dresses! Ryan has over a decade of experience and has a true passion for sewing. 


Ryan Jaeger
Head Seamster/Owner

Business Phone



  • What do I need to bring with for my first alterations appointment?

    • You need to bring with the shoes and body shapewear that you plan to wear on the big day!​

  • Do I have to pay right away?​

    • No, but we do require a $100 deposit on the first appointment. The remaining balance is paid on the final appointment.​

  • How long does it take for alterations?​

    • Typically, you should plan for alterations to take 2 months. Though if there needs a lot done, it can take longer.​

  • When should I schedule my appointment?​

    • You should schedule your first appointment about 3 months before your event.

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