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No, you shouldn't wear hot pink panties dress shopping..

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

So you're engaged! There's such a magical feeling once your engaged. The shiny ring on your finger is such an alien feeling, yet you can't stop looking at it. You make sure every movement you make it is shown in it's best light. Then it hits you, omg, now I get to go dress shopping!

You've been dreaming of this day since like forever right? Your Pinterest board labeled "dream wedding dress" is busting with all of those wonderful designs and your ready to hit the town with your girls and hunt down the PERFECT gown. Now, we've helped thousands of brides find their dream gown and believe me when I say, we've seen it all. We want to arm you with the right information to make this the best experience! Check out our tips to help make your dress shopping feel like a breeze!

1.Pick your favorite people to come along!

This is probably the most crucial of all. It can make or break you and test your patience or completely influence your look. We always recommend to bring 2-3 of your favorite people with you. They should be the ones that really care about you getting the gown that is your favorite and makes you feel special. Your true cheerleaders in life. Yes, of course you can bring 11 people with you but I can tell you that it rarely works out in the brides favor. Eleven people also brings eleven opinions and more likely than not, the brides opinion will get drowned out. Which totally blows when our mission is to help you find a gown that suits YOU!

2. Do your research.

The bridal industry is packed full of endless dress possibilities, but most brides have a style preference before beginning their shopping. The technology era has brought great things for the bride. We, along with most other reputable stores, have all of our designers listed on our website. This can greatly help you in making sure you aren't stopping somewhere that may not even carry your style. Sit down with a glass of wine, your furry companion and some Netflix and just browse your local stores sites. This will help you determine which stores you want to prioritize. We recommend only shopping at 2-3 stores.

3. Set an appropriate budget.

The average wedding dress costs $1,800. Every store has a different price point and cater to different markets. Once you've done your research and know your style, set your budget appropriately. No clue what to do? Give us a call, we'd love to chat with you and give you insight on what your style will typically cost in our store!

4. Set an appointment!

Yes, appointments are required at almost all bridal salons. It breaks our heart when we have to turn away a bride who planned a whole day of shopping but didn't set appointments. This will also give you an idea of what the day will look like!

5. Undergarments.

This is a fun one. I can't tell you the many florescent colored underwear I've seen over the years. These are white (or close to white) dresses. Hot pink undies will show through like Pamela Andersons red bra in the 90s and it throws everything off. My second favorite is the black bra. Try to wear neutral colored undergarments. The best bra to wear is actually an Unbra (or sticky cup bras) This will give you the closest day of look you can get. I've attached an Amazon link for your convenience. (Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra for Backless Dress with Nipple Covers Nude (C Cup) at Amazon Women’s Clothing store )

6. Be ready to find the one.

Be ready. The one is going to pop up when you least expect it. Finding your dream dress can cause an array of emotions but you just know. It's going to make you feel beautiful and confident. It's okay to say yes. Typically we say that a bride should only try on about 20 gowns. Going to every shop in the state and trying on 276 gowns leads to defeat and stress. Stop when the feeling has peaked and revel in the moment with your closest loved ones!

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