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What is a Bridesmaid?

Explore where the term bridesmaid came from, if it still applies today and some things to consider before asking your ladies to be your bridesmaid.

Most modern wedding traditions stem from the era when brides would be routinely kidnapped, this is why brides always stand on the left during the wedding ceremony, so that the groom’s right hand was free to allow him to easily draw his sword to fight of would be kidnappers! -Clearwell Castle

While we don't typically have the worry of the groom being able to draw his sword at the local wedding, traditions have to start somewhere. Traditionally speaking bridesmaids were a literal version of protecting the bride from being kidnapped. Instead of the modern version of bridesmaids wearing the a different color, centuries ago, they dressed exactly like the bride. That way when they are traveling long distances to meet their grooms, there was less chance of them being taken because you didn't actually know who the bride was. Sneaky, sneaky. This is also where the veil came into play, to cover the face to make it harder for any strangers to recognize her. This custom dates back centuries to ancient Rome and China.

Over the centuries since, the role of bridesmaid has changed and morphed into what is known as the modern bridesmaid. Today, a bridesmaid is a close acquaintance of the bride that is there to help her plan and organize for her big day. Whether to help keeps feuding families at bay or to arrange day schedules and party favors.

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One of a bride's biggest decisions is picking her ladies to stand by her side on her big day. Here's some questions to help you choose your bridesmaids.

  1. Are they helpful? You want people who are going to be willing and able to help you with planning and take on tasks to help lighten your load.

  2. Do they respect you? It's very frustrating trying to help a bride who has a bridesmaid who completely disregards the brides vision. They need to know what you want and be with you on that.

  3. Are finances a problem? I know, this should never matter but it can cause some pretty big problems as it can get expensive. A bridesmaids gown, alterations, accessories, parties, gifts etc. can add up. If you choose to have some one younger or not financially stable quite yet, maybe set up a plan to help with those expenses for them.

  4. Are they fun? This is going to be a wild ride and it always makes it better if you have people at your side with a positive attitude and fun spirit!

Ultimately, this is your crew of ladies to get you through a really amazing but stressful day. Bouquets used to be used to cover body odor and are now just a decoration but one thing has not changed over the centuries. To be a bridesmaid is an honor bestowed upon our closest friends and family.

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